About us
The Hardware Top 100 is a free publication from the Top 100 Research Foundation. The Top 100 Research Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to charting the IT industry. The Foundation also performs the research for the Software Top 100, the most-used online ranking of the software industry, and the Services Top 100, a similar chart of the IT services industry.
At the Foundation, we believe in making lists of the highest possible quality. Hence, we do not rely on third party data for our lists; we actively analyze all relevant annual reports according to a published, standardized methodology, and we only use relevant revenues for our lists.
Because we do not shun from manually researching several thousands of companies every year, you will find our lists to have:
  • No irrelevant companies in the list
  • Irrelevant revenues do not distort the ranking as they are excluded
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Public and private companies included
  • Data corrections for differences in financial year end
Getting a company listed
The Hardware Top 100 is an independent publication. There is no charge or any form of contribution asked from the companies mentioned in the list. The only condition for a company to get listed or not, is that it must have sufficient hardware revenues.

In case you want to republish data from the Hardware Top 100, please read the disclaimer & copyright statement first.

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